Taking your special someone to a romantic candlelit dinner at some fancy restaurant? Sure, a bouquet of flowers would be dreamy…but why be old school when you can go for something classy with our alcohol bouquets?

If that’s not the case, our alcohol bouquets still make a fantastic gift anyway for your alcohol-loving relatives, friends, colleagues, or clients.

Feeling luxurious? Indulge in chocolates while sipping some Lanson™ Champagne with Champsalicious. Beer, chocolates, and chill? Voila, with Brewlicious, we offer you an excellent bottle of James Squire with our signature Belgian Milk Chocolate Stars. Craving for a swig of vodka? We heard that it goes well with fruity lollies! Go for Sweetalicious and try Allens™ Red Rippers (formerly Red Skins) and Smirnoff™ Vodka for yourself.

No matter what type of alcohol the occasion calls for, toast to it and add a sweet twist of chocolate and lollies.

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