Lolly Tower

$99.00 AUD

You want Lollies? We've got lollies! This massive Lolly Tower Stands 50cm tall & is packed with lollies and chocolates to suit everyone; Cadbury Chocolate, Liquorice, Sour Lollies, Caramellos, M&M's, Jelly Beans, Snakes, Allens Party Mix, Minties and loads more! ***Note: lollies are delivered bagged inside the boxes to ensure freshness. Image for display purposes only*** 

Approximately 100g each of the following;

    • Cadbury™ Freddo Frogs
    • Cadbury™ Caramello Koalas
    • Foil Covered Belgian Milk Chocolate Hearts
    • Foil Covered Belgian Milk Chocolate Stars
    • Allens™ Snakes 
    • Allens™ Party Mix 
    • Trolli™ Brite Crawlers 
    • Milk Chocolate Liquorice Bullets 
    • Mentos™
    • Chocolate Eclairs
    • Fizzy Rocket Candy
    • Allen’s™  Chew Mix 
    • Allens™ Jaffas
    • Allens™ Jelly Beans Fruity Craze
    • Allens ™ Minties
    • Allens™ Freckles
    • White Raspberry Bullets
    • M&M's™ Plain Milk Chocolate
    •  Sour Straps 
    • Natural Confectionery™ Fruit Chews
    • Complimentary Message Card
    • All lollies are packed into sealed bags to ensure freshness.
    • ** Items can be replaced to the same value and weight if any of the above items are unavailable.**


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