$77.00 AUD

Sugar giving you trouble? We've got your back! This sugarless, sugar free bouquet is our inclusive model for anyone who can't or just doesn't want sugar in their diet. Includes a great selection of full size items from the Sugarless™ confectionery company. With naturally sourced colours and flavours and Stevia™ Extract. Items may include; Chocolate Peanut Crunch, Strawberry Chews, Butterscotch Candy, Milk Chocolate with Stevia, White Chocolate Crunch Balls and Be Smart Chocolate Treats. Stands approx. 45cm tall. 

  • Sugarless Confectionery™ Milk Chocolate 100g
  • Sugarless Confectionery™ Butterscotch Hard-Boiled Candy 70g
  • Sugarless Confectionery™ Be Smart 90g
  • Sugarless Confectionery™ White Chocolate Crunch Balls 90g
  • Sugarless Confectionery™ Strawberry Chews 70g
  • Sugarless Confectionery™ Chocolate Peanut Crunch 60g
  • (Items may vary depending on availability. Total of 6 full size items included)
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