Creative Uses of Chocolate

September 16, 2020

Creative Uses of Chocolate

Are you fond of sweets just like us? Heads up, because this one’s written just for you!

For our September blog, we’ll be talking about the different creative uses of lollies and chocolates. Other than just snacking on them when the cravings hit hard, here are 5 more ways to enjoy the sweet treats… Read on and find out!


Let’s start off with the most creative one. Lipstick or lip balm—whichever you prefer, you can spice…er, sweeten it up by incorporating your favorite lolly! Grab an old lippie, scrape off the remaining product, and melt it. Then, take any hard candy, crush it, and sprinkle it over your melted lipstick. Mix them evenly, put it in the packaging of your choice, and voila! You’ve got a lippie that’s both yummy and lovely. It certainly makes for a sweet, custom gift to a sweet-toothed friend or family member!


If you’re fond of baking, there’s no doubt that you’ve used chocolate as an ingredient before, as it’s considered to be one of the most popular food and flavor across the globe. Whether you decide to mix it in with the batter, drizzle it on the finished product, or perhaps use it as toppings in the form of chips and sprinkles, there’s absolutely no way that you could ever go wrong with chocolate.


However, if you belong to those who were not gifted with a talent for making baked goods, don’t worry! There’s still a wide selection of things that you can choose to do with chocolate anyway. Mousse, custard, truffles, and even a no-bake cake?  There’s not enough room on this page to fit the list of possibilities that comes with chocolates!

As for lolly, it’s totally possible to make a cake out of it, too! Lolly Cake, a confectionery originating from New Zealand, can also be found in certain parts of Australia. However, give up the search and look it up online. You’ll see that it only contains ingredients that you can pick up at your local grocery and take up only a short amount of time to prepare. Go ahead and have fun making your own!


Assuming that you’re not yet cloyed by the excessive amount of sweet foodstuff that we’ve previously mentioned, might we also interest you in chocolate-and-lolly-based beverages? Covering a lot of varieties that you can drink on a typical, sunny day to chilly winter nights, we’ve got milkshakes, hot chocolate, chocolate-flavored alcoholic liqueurs, and even sugary cocktails mixed and topped off with lolly!


And finally, the last but never the least, Lollylicious’ chocolate and lolly bouquets! Are you planning to surprise a special someone on their special day? Or is your wedding anniversary drawing near? Whatever the case may be, we’ve got bouquets with an extensive range of arrangements and brands to choose from. It’s the perfect way to make your gift more personalized and the occasion a whole lot sweeter!

Moreover, to spare you from the hassle, we also offer free same-day delivery for customers in Sydney and Central Coast! Quite a treat, isn’t it?

Well, that’s a wrap for this month’s blog post! Go ahead and comment which one you’d like to try!

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