Desserts From Around The World - Philippines

July 17, 2020

Desserts From Around The World - Philippines

Upon finishing the main course, it’s quite inevitable for the human mind not to think about having something sweet and delectable afterward. No matter how full or satisfied you are with the meal that you’ve just had, you probably can’t help but crave dessert. As they say, dessert doesn’t go to the stomach. It goes to the heart!

That brings us to this latest series of post where we’ll be taking you around the world on a “dessert tour”! Our first stop will be at the Pearl of the Orient Sea, none other than the Philippines. Brace yourself for the mouthwatering delicacies that we have prepared just for you!

  1. Halo-halo

When you say cold dessert, any Filipino would suggest you try halo-halo. Directly translating to “mix-mix,” this is literally a mixture of various ingredients including fruit slices, sweetened beans, coconut strips, and a scoop of ice cream—all atop a blend of crushed ice and evaporated milk.

  1. Leche Flan

While you can usually find a small piece of this in your halo-halo, this dessert can also be eaten on its own. Leche flan is a popular egg-based dessert which is basically the Filipino version of crème caramel, similarly with rich, golden caramel topping.

  1. Suman sa Lihiya

This is among the most well-known rice cakes in the country. It is simply made of glutinous rice, brown sugar, coconut milk, and lihiya or lye solution which is then wrapped in banana leaves and steamed. Usually topped with latik (the residue of coconut milk) or perhaps grated coconut meat, this is best served with a cup of coffee, making for an enjoyable merienda (Filipino for mid-afternoon snacks).

  1. Taho

Taho is something that you should definitely not miss when visiting the Philippines. A typical breakfast staple bought from peddlers, this is a concoction of soft tofu, syrup made from brown sugar, and small sago pearls. Apart from the Philippines, it can also be found in other Southeast Asian countries.

  1. Pichi-pichi

If you’re a cheese lover, then this gelatinous dessert would be perfect for you. Primarily composed of coconut juice, water, and grated cassava, this steamed Filipino cake is often sprinkled with cheese, cheese, and LOTS of cheese! Have we mentioned how much cheese is put into this? It’s A LOT.

  1. Mango Float

Otherwise known as “crema de manga,” this is another crowdpleaser that you would surely enjoy. This is a no-bake-just-refrigerate cake which is made by alternately layering graham crackers, a mixture of all-purpose cream and condensed milk, and ripe mangoes. It’s a big hit during special occasions, and once you try it, you’ll understand why.

So, are you hungry yet?

At this point, we’re pretty certain that we can see your mouth watering from here! If you’ve got a sweet tooth, then going to the Philippines is something to put on your bucket list! Known for their exquisite cuisine and big love for food, you’d surely fancy a trip to the country. Which of these 6 desserts do you want to try most? We’d love to know. Share it in the comments section!

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