Fun Home Based Activities

May 18, 2020

Fun Home Based Activities

As you’re all aware, things are a little bit crazy at the moment, but never fear, because the team here at Lollylicious hope to provide you with some inspiration on how to have some fun and make the most out of any situation. It is predicted that in the current global climate, children will be 50% more exposed to television, computers, and other screens than usual. Let's work together to reduce these numbers with the help of some home-based activities that you can perform with your kids to both bond with them and create memorable moments that you will cherish forever.

Who says you shouldn’t play with your food?

Play with it, feel it, experiment with it, decorate it, try new flavours.

Experimenting with food is a great way to show children that cooking can be good fun for the whole family and that it is a creative outlet to which they can engage in, although close supervision is obviously a must. The benefits of this is that you will teach children to distinguish between many food items teaching them the importance of food and what goes into preparing delicious meals. Creativity is key and just like us here at Lollylicious, where we create personalised lolly and/or chocolate bouquets, you too can unleash the creative outlet with your kids and have a few laughs and share the love in the kitchen (responsibly!).

Screen time for children is OK in small doses and it may even spark creativity in some. All children should be given the opportunity to be creative, and the common factor between fun and creativity is arts and crafts. These are very healthy activities for children, and at the same time, they create interest and a bonding experience for your family.

We know what you’re thinking, arts and crafts tend to lead to a messy home, however, you can start with something simple for smaller children, like drawing with crayons. If you’re not too concerned about big messes, plasticine and watercolours are a perfect activity because they have a very positive effect on the development of children's creativity, but also on the development of their motor skills. What is best is that this type of entertainment for children at home offers many variants and options, so you can literally use anything to play with a little imagination.

Create a slide, bubblegum blowing competition, badminton with plastic plates, depending on what props you have at home, design a party for the kids and let the games begin! There is another great way to have fun at home, and that is with a cardboard slide. Something as simple as cardboard can be a whole new world to a child. With supervision, set up some solid pieces of cardboard on some stairs and be amazed at just how much fun your kids can have with this simple design.

There are many more wonderful activities that can make days you spend at home with your kids more interesting and less of a headache. Try to observe the world through the eyes of your child, and you will understand that everything can be material for play. Forget the mess that can happen, wake the child up inside of you and relax, and a day spent at home can be endlessly fun, with tons of wonderful memories, and at the same time, it will be good for your mental health.

And if you want to surprise your child with a beautiful sweet gift, Lollylicious is always there for you.

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