Candy by the Country

November 13, 2020

Candy by the Country

Gender. Race. Social class. These are only some of the boundaries that divide and hinder us from making progress. As the saying goes, though, no man is an island. Man is a social being who is not designed to be kept apart from the others. Thus, we must learn to be kind and accepting to anyone and everyone.

All this said, here at Lollylicious, we promote inclusion and embrace our unique qualities! We may differ in a lot of aspects, but isn’t it sweet how we are united by our love for sweets? In this new blog post, we’ll be talking about CANDY BY THE COUNTRY, where we feature various chocolates and candies that have swept the world and ultimately given us common ground and helped us connect with the people around us.

  1. AUSTRALIA: Allen’s Red Skins

On top of our list is one of our country’s crowd-pleasers in the confectionery industry—Red Skins! Proudly Australian, this candy is raspberry-flavoured and requires you to chew, chew, chew! Aside from its distinctively luscious taste, though, it is also making the rounds because of its name’s racist overtone. But as they said in a statement, “At Allen’s, we are about creating smiles," so to be more inclusive, the company has decided to change the candy’s name. We simply have no choice but to stand harder!

  1. PHILIPPINES: Choc Nut

Fond of chocolates and peanuts? Then let this popular candy give you the best of both worlds! It is an iconic brand that has already been passed onto several generations yet remains to be a nationwide favourite. It’s mostly sold locally, but Filipino stores abroad will allow you to experience the rich flavour of roasted peanuts with a subtle hint of cocoa.

  1. GERMANY: Haribo Gold-Bears

Make way for the ultimate gummy brand! You say gummy we say Haribo—and for a good reason! No other gummy comes close to its supremacy. Nowadays, you can get a bag almost everywhere, so you might already be familiar with its five flavours. However, if you get them in their country of origin, you’ll get an extra green apple flavour! Another fun fact: Haribo is an acronym for Hans Riegel, its creator from Bonn, Germany!

  1. USA: Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

Similar to Haribo, the candy is named after H. B. Reese, its creator, who worked as a dairy farmer and shipping foreman for Mr Hershey. Just a few days from now on November 15, America’s cherished peanut butter cups will turn 92 years old. Can you imagine? It’s been almost a century of heavenly peanut goodness brought to us by The Hershey Company! According to some polls, it’s America’s preferred Halloween treat. Well, we beg to differ because we’d love a good ol’ cup of Reese’s on any given occasion, not just Halloween!

What about you? Have your favourites made their way to our list? Also, do you have any stories on how they helped you forge a connection with others? We’re thrilled to hear about them. Fire away in the comments section!

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