Sweet vs. Sour Lollies

March 23, 2020

Sweet vs. Sour Lollies

Lollies have been a part of the Australian culture for many, many years.

Don’t believe us?

Two words… Fairy Bread, enough said, right?

Although we do not recommend completely stuffing your face with fairy bread or lollies in general (no matter how tempting it is), the good news is that in moderation, they do have a few health benefits including reducing the risk of stroke!

The Australian lolly industry really took off in the mid-1800s and has been booming ever since. At Lollylicious we are huge supporters of Australian lolly and chocolate makers and even bigger supporters of tasting the delicious goods that they produce. We also constantly do our best to include some authentic Australian brands in our lolly and chocolate hampers.

Although, there is one debate that will continue to plague the minds of sweet (or sour) tooths everywhere.

Sweet or sour lollies?

Let’s have a quick look into both of these delicious options first.

Sour Lollies

The satisfying tingle on your tongue as you pop one of these “suckers” into your mouth is something that needs to be experienced at least once by any form of lolly fanatic. From the salivating initial contact to that sweet ending, sour lollies will always have a surprising taste whilst the changing texture adapts to your mouth.

Sweet Lollies

Roses are red, violets are blue, give me those sweet, sweet lollies from you! Haven’t we heard this rhyme a billion times? And rightfully so, because just like sweet lollies, it practically goes with anything. We satisfy any craving, from rock candy to squishy gummy bears whilst also appealing to the eyes of our customers.

We have the power to turn any sour puss into a sweet tooth!

So which one do we prefer?

Honestly, it’s a tie!

We can’t just sit here and choose, it’s not a decision that we would make lightly!

We like to have all our lollies included in our party by only creating the sweetest, satisfying and best lollies for any person or occasion.

At Lollylicious you can find your favourite chocolate bouquets, lolly baskets, lolly hampers, and sweet (or sour!) lollies and chocolates. We customise our gift hampers, bouquets and baskets to best fit the needs of your loved ones and ensure tantalising your taste buds with pleasure.

As well as satisfying the kid at heart, we also have gifts to bring out the adult in you!

Here at Lollylicious, we preciously pair the right bottle of wine or beer to complement your selection! Much like pairing wine to the right meat or cheese, we cannot think of a better combination than a bottle of red to a bouquet of chocolates or a sparkling infusion to a hamper of lollies.

No matter the client, occasion or day, the glass slipper will always fit.

Lollylicious proudly commits to excellence and quality and go beyond expected measures to ensure your needs are attended to! Here, we individually wrap our chocolates and lollies and guarantee top quality and freshness by selecting only the finest ingredients and combinations.

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