The History of Chocolate (and other cool facts!)

February 11, 2020

The History of Chocolate (and other cool facts!)

When you think of “chocolate”, the first thing that most likely goes through your head is a bar of the sweet stuff! Right?


Did you know that chocolate used to be a bitter drink?

In South Mexico where the “History of Chocolate” began at around 450 BC, they had a chocolate beverage that is very different from the hot chocolate that we are used to today.

Served as a bitter liquid, it was made from the cocoa seed that the Aztecs believed was a gift from Quetzalcoatl & God.

The Mayans and Aztecs both believe that cocoa seeds play an important role in their lives, they use it on every occasion and even consider it to be more important/valuable than gold!

In the simplest of terms, the cocoa seed is roasted and dried to create chocolate with a few variations.

Dark chocolate is healthier than milk or white chocolate and even provides several health benefits (in small doses!). Some dark chocolate contains flavonoids which act as an antioxidant, being used as a medicine in many cultures.

In many studies, they have found that there are some positive effects of cocoa intake including the following:

  • Can reduce the risk of heart problems
  • Has the ability to improve cognitive function
  • In moderate intake, it can also improve your mood! (Although, this one is a given since you are eating chocolate and it’s delicious!)

Chocolate can also help you relax!

Although it is delicious, it is important to enjoy it in moderation, as chocolate (particularly milk and white) is high in sugar and fats which can result in weight gain if over consumed.

It’s also a very high energy food, so try not to give it to your kids just before bedtime! Otherwise, they will be bouncing off the walls!

In 1847, Joseph Fry discovered that you could mould chocolate into different shapes, thus creating the first instance of the chocolate bar.

Chocolate is no longer just for a special occasion. Everyone can enjoy it anytime they want whether it is in bar form (or whatever other crazy shapes) or a delicious drink.

Chocolate has now been associated as a sign of love and is synonymous with all of the special days celebrating love and time with your loved ones. The team at Lollylicious embrace this and have some special love-themed chocolate hampers, bouquets and gifts which you can also pair with a cute cuddly creature or a sophisticated bottle of champagne.

Check these out below!




Ferrero Love Package  


It is a great idea to give chocolate as a gift because chocolate makes anyone happy. It’s made up of rich ingredients and it is a good way to surprise and appreciate someone.

Love, passion, care & happy living is what Lollylicious is all about, so if you know someone with a sweet tooth, satiate it with a gift hamper from Lollylicious.

Speaking of love, we are busy prepping for the most love-filled day of the year!

Preparation for Valentines Day

 Prepping for Valentines Day | Lollylicious

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