The Perfect End of Year Gift

December 12, 2019

The Perfect End of Year Gift

Buying a thoughtful and meaningful gift can be a stressful task, especially at the end of the year!

They are a sign of gratitude and respect towards another person and it is something that many do not take lightly as there are always so many thoughts running through our head when trying to find the perfect gift for someone.

“What do they even like?”

“Have they already got one of these?”

“Will they get any use out of this?”

“How do I find something thoughtful on my budget?”

Gift giving should be an enjoyable endeavour and something that makes you feel good, especially when it is for someone you love.

A few things that we can all agree on is that being stuck for gift ideas can be frustrating and that when all else fails, just remember…

Everybody loves chocolate!

Therefore, we have come up with the perfect solution for your gift giving needs with our Lollylicious chocolate bouquets and hampers.

What is a Lollylicious hamper?

A Lollylicious hamper is just as it sounds. It is a delectable compilation of your favourite chocolates and lollies creatively designed to satiate your senses and there are a range of different bouquets and hampers available to suit all budgets and taste buds.

However, the fun does not stop there… we also have a range of alcohol bouquets and hampers for those who like a bit of an extra kick with their chocolate.

A bouquet of chocolates (like roses!) is the perfect gift to give to someone as a way of thanking them for a great year together.

By choosing a pre-made gift bouquet you are eliminating the need to spend hours walking through shops or scrolling online trying to find the perfect gift. There is a convenience factor when it comes to ordering a bouquet online it means that you can simply order online and then have it delivered to your address or direct to the person that you are gifting it to.

By choosing to order a bouquet to give as an end of year gift you can provide the person receiving the gift with a beautifully presented gift that is already wrapped and presented well.

There is no need for trying to present the gift well yourself and it comes with not only a professional look but also a personal look as well.

The best thing about choosing a bouquet as a gift is that there are many different types available and you can choose one that will suit any occasion. In many cases the bouquets use various colours and are not tied to any certain occasion – making them the perfect option as a gift to give to another person.

It is a personal gift that has a fun and exciting element to it meaning that you can gift one to someone that you have recently met or someone you have known for a long time and know that they will be happy with the gift they received.

The great thing about choosing a bouquet as a gift is that you can choose one that not only fits your budget but also fits the personality and taste of the person that is receiving it.

If they are a lover of all things chocolate than that can be catered for with one of the chocolate based bouquets, there are also the sugary lolly based bouquets and the alcohol based ones for those who are looking to spend a little bit more.

After ordering online you can simply decide whether to have the gifts sent directly to you so that you can present them to the receiver or you can add in their address details and have the order sent straight to them as a surprise.

All our chocolate hampers are packaged with an ice pack complimentary to ensure that they only melt in your mouth and not during transit! On the warmer months we do recommend purchasing a second ice pack, especially if you’re not going to be home, but we take the utmost care in ensuring that everything is delivered to you in a pristine condition.

Also, if you are in Sydney and order before 9:30am AEDT we do same day delivery!

By choosing a Lollylicious bouquet or gift you can provide a fun, colourful and personal gift for any occasion at any time of year.

So before running off to the shops and spending hours trying to decide what to buy for your next gift, why not jump online and choose a bouquet that ticks all the boxes.

Fancy something healthier? Check out our brand new range of "Fruitylicious" fruit hampers with or without a bottle of wine.

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